Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Mardi Gras Cake Pops!

This Mardi Gras season brings me back to the days of junior high and my French class with Monsieur Erickson. That was the best class ever. We not only learned the language well but we spent a lot of time diving into the culture and celebrations of France….and what kid doesn’t love celebrations!
One of my most potent memories is of the King Cake. Mr. Erickson would order a King Cake from a local french bakery and would hide the baby inside. He would pass the cake out to the class and whoever got the baby would get some Francs that we could then trade in for candy or extra credit points and such (He used Francs to bribe us to do good. It worked.) He also hosted a costume contest and would give Francs to the most festive costume. I won every year I was there because I had a jester costume that happened to be gold, purple and green. Haha…I kind of cheated by wearing it every year but it was festive! By the last year of Jr High I was a jester with floods but hey, what can I say, I grew quick. I’ll post a picture when I find it. 🙂
So anyway, I made some mini king cakes. They were tasty.
No hidden babies though.
Then I whipped up some Mardi Gras Cake Pops from some of my previously frozen chocolate fudge cake pops. I ended up giving them to my sister-in-law to serve at her Mardi Gras party. Thank goodness someone is keeping the spirit alive! No one celebrates Mardi Gras anymore.
I’m bringing it back. Next year….you just wait!
I also very vividly remember burning a huge newspaper man named Rex outside the school. I’m not sure what that was about…I don’t remember that piece of culture. I just remember the fire.

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