Cupcake Vending Machine by Sprinkles

This is just crazy enough that I had to post about it.
A Cupcake Vending Machine.
That’s right, folks.
Sprinkles has done it.
Sprinkles was the first cupcake shop that opened up (at least that we know of).
Here is the article that I just read.
The {pink} 24-hour Cupcake Vending Machine will be restocked day and night to provide freshly baked cupcakes for whenever your craving pangs you. Even at 3:00 in the morning! If this can be executed properly then this could be an amazingly delicious success for mankind. I know many a people who NEEDED a cupcake in the wee hours of the morning. So if you live in a Sprinkles zone, you should go give it a try and tell me how the experience was.
I am super curious to know.
 Not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth but you can satisfy your pooch’s too!. The vending machine will also dole out doggy cupcakes
{Which I really think they have no choice but to call them “pupcakes”. Teehee.}
Additionally, they will also sell mixes and apparel.
As if a cupcake vending machine isn’t enough, Sprinkles is going into the Ice Cream business. They will be serving fresh gourmet ice cream along with brownies and other baked goods. Sounds delicious.
So there you have it.
 Go get your cravings satisfied and let me know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Cupcake Vending Machine by Sprinkles

  1. My Lil' Brother has been to the Sprinkles ATM many times. & yes at 4 am! Oh the advantages of living in LA. He says they are $1 more than if you get them in the store & that there is still a long line during the day, when the store is open 🙂

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