Valentine’s Cookies

I am pretty sure that decorated sugar cookies are seriously one of the cutest desserts ever invented. The details can be so intricate and the creativity you can have with them is unlimited. They are a perfect accent to any event and make great party favors. They are pretty much the best accept they take FOREVER to make!
Heart Petit Fours
Ok… you got me. These aren’t cookies but I did try to make some petit four hearts along with my cookies and it was a complete disaster. These were the only few that looked even remotely decent. They weren’t even tasty. Just pure sweetness straight from the beet. I’ll try them again. I’ll do better. I promise.
Now onto the cookies!
Valentine Cookie_4
You can have so much fun just doing whatever design you want. You won’t get bored.
Valentine Cookie_1
Valentine Cookie_3
Valentine Cookie_5 
And my favorite…. 
Valentine Cookies_2
Customize your cookies for that special someone or those special someones…. these were for my sister-in-law and her family. Each cookie has the first letter of each of their names so they each get their own cookie and then have to fight to the death on the big one Ha. Happy Love Day. No better way to say “I love you” than “Mine!”. 😉

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