Hello and welcome! My name is Sara and this handsome fella is Chris.
A little about us…
I like to bake. He likes to film and photograph stuff. There you have it.

I love to share with others, especially baked goods. Sharing is what makes life truly rich. Experience is much more fulfilling when people you love are involved whether they be friends or family. This is why I have named my blog “Share”.

My vision for this site is to be a resource for a lot of beautiful and delicious recipes of all kinds and at all skill levels. Hopefully some of the fun treats can help make some memories for you and your loved ones. And so with you I will share my desserts and share this journey!

Chris and I live in a wonderful home in an amazing neighborhood in Centerville, Utah. (Centerville has an elevation of 4,300 so my baking is “high altitude” baking.) We have a beautiful boxer (named Izzy). Chris loves photography, film, adventures and vacationing. I love reading, blogging, baking and simply relaxing. We are happy. 🙂 Come be happy with us through dessert!!