Strawberry Vanilla French Macaron with a Fresh Raspberry Surprise!

Sometimes when you improvise you create unexpectedly delicious treats!….at least that is what I learned while making a recent batch of treats for an art gallery exhibit.
Things didn’t go quite according to plan while trying to make some powdered strawberry and vanilla bean macarons. I may have accidentally ‘overheated’ and destroyed the strawberries’ flavor while drying them in the oven as well as slightly overcooked the macaron itself so the macarons did not really taste very strawberry-y, only when you got a little chunk (tasty!). So, I was going to make my delicious strawberry buttercream to put inside instead of the vanilla buttercream, but somehow after whipping it all up and taste testing it didn’t taste like strawberries at all….I am still baffled. It must have been my strawberries. I kept adding more strawberry puree just hoping it would come together but then it broke…..along with my spirits. So at this point I was getting a bit frustrated and went digging in the back of my mind (…and the back of my fridge) for a replacement. So I bagged the strawberry flavored filling and went for a bolder flavor. Raspberry! I ended up using a vanilla buttercream ring around a fresh raspberry. Magnifique! It was heaven.
Fruit + Macaron = Bliss. I seriously couldn’t believe how tasty it was.


I also made yellow cake pops and since this was for an art exhibit, why not do something fun and artistic, right?!
Bright blue is a good color for ‘bold’ as well as some sparkley purple swirls. Art Deco. Check. They turned out even better than expected after a few experiments. Sweet!

I made rich dark chocolate brownies as well but miss awesome here forgot to take pictures. They looked rad and delicious. Radelicious.

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