By Popular Demand…..Recipes

I have gotten so many requests for recipes that I have finally decided to start posting the recipes along with my experiences and tips on making them. I have had so much fun and learned a ton just by experimenting with different recipes and reading book after book (and post after post) of how-tos so I will share as many tips as I can manage to stuff into my posts. If I can do these recipes (someone starting with absolutely zero cooking and baking knowledge)….you can too. I will give references when appropriate so you can go read about certain topics more in depth if you are so inclined (as I am usually).
So be warned….my posts will be longer. Feel free to just window shop and look at the pictures. 🙂 That’s always a fun option too.
Here is the caveat. I am only going to post the recipes that I would actually make again. I find no point in posting the ones that did not turn out right or could use more than a smidge of improvement. These happen all the time.
Soap Box: Please, please, please invest in a scale if you want to get consistent results from these recipes and want them to turn out well, especially with macarons. Weighing is much more accurate than relying on volumes and the best part is that you won’t have to messy up a bunch of bowls and measuring devices! I would also recommend an oven thermometer because my oven is posessed. So whether you think yours is posessed or you just bought a brand new one, go get an oven thermometer. You would be surprised how inaccurate and inconsistant my (or your) oven is. Done.
There are so many different recipes for macarons (and other desserts) out there and so many differing opinions that there is never going to be a universally accepted recipe as “The Best” so have fun trying some different recipes and pick your favorite!
That said, let’s have at it.
Below I am going to list the links to my updated posts that will now include the recipes. This may take a little bit of time to type up but eventually I will get them posted. Enjoy.

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