Pink Cake Balls for the Neighbors

So, it had been a while since I had really talked to any of my neighbors so I thought the least I could do is drop off some treats with a small “Thinking of You” card on it. I can’t be that bad of a neighbor if I come bearing gifts right? 🙂
Anyway, these are yellow cake balls dipped in a pink vanilla coating and sprinkled with white nonpareils. So, you may be wondering… “Why the heck does she only make yellow cake?!” That’s exactly what you were thinking, huh?
  1. I don’t only make yellow cake but it is one of the most requested flavors I get so I do make it more often than other flavors. My red velvet was the same for a while. People go through phases. 🙂


2. Actually, a lot of these desserts are from the same batch of yellow cake. Haha…I am tricking the system. These babies freeze awesome! Can’t even tell. 🙂 Plus my yellow cake batch makes like a thousand cake balls.


3. In all honesty, my baking comes in spurts. I do a lot of baking for a week or so and then I do none for a couple days so really I did all these yellow cake balls in a matter of like 3 days. I wish I had the time (and energy) to bake everyday…..mmm…..

So, there you have it. My confessions. Enjoy.
I actually gave this box of perfection to my dad for Father’s Day.
Maybe blue would have been more fitting… 
Coming up next……You guessed it!! Yellow Cake Beach Balls!!

5 thoughts on “Pink Cake Balls for the Neighbors

  1. I won't actually…..but I will make you fresh ones. ;P Tee Hee. Of course…. you will be the first on my list to reap the benefits of my craze.

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