Apron Love

So I have posted about my love of cute aprons before, but I apparently didn’t know what love was….. until now.
However, like two star-crossed lovers, I will never be able to end up with my love in the end.
You see, I received this Groupon deal in my inbox and it was love at first sight.
I had never seen such a site before in my life.
Oh, Loretta…. how I love thee.
Not just any Loretta would do of course.
It had to be my one true love…. Folksy Floral.
There you are.
Ok. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic but my love was made sure when I found that they had sold out. Alas, it is sold nowhere else. Oh the anguish upon my being!
So if any of you out there that bought this apron want to take mercy on this heart-broken soul, you would make my year if you but allow me to pay more than a pittance for it. {Let me know!}

One thought on “Apron Love

  1. Sara, just got your blog address in my work email. I know u gave me the link before…its such a cute blog!! I'm on the hunt for your apron…I'll let you know how it goes 🙂

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