Folksy Floral Loretta Apron {Product Review}

So, remember that Apron that I really, really, really, really loved?…..”Oh, Loretta?”
Yeah, that’s the one.
 Well, my awesome friend, Susan, wrote the company (ASD Living) to see where she could get one and they ended up sending one to me for free in the Folksy Floral Fabric that I loved!!
Now, how awesome is that?!
It just gives me warm fuzzies that people are so nice and giving. πŸ™‚ smile.
There you are.
Upon receiving this fabulous gift, I admired how it was packaged. That stuff doesn’t really matter but it makes me happy when things are packaged in a cute way.

Two thumbs up. Simple but thoughtful.
And I open her up to find….

Really cute buuuut I will say I was a bit disappointed in the coloring of the material.  That’s almost 90% of the reason why I wanted it and it’s not the color that it looked like on the internet (maybe it was just my computer). It’s kind of like expecting a sip of cranberry juice (which I like) but getting black cherry (which I also like). I thought it would be more blue and white than teal and cream. But still! It is really cute and I love it! I probably would have bought it anyway so 2 thumbs up!
I had to give ‘er a test run of course to make sure the pockets were in the right places for my monkey arms and that it did in fact look cute as well as keep the mess offa me.
No better way to test drive it than to make some Christmas cookies for the neighbors, eh?!
Well, I got lazy so I didn’t make the cookies but I did try it on. πŸ˜‰
Review: The pockets are in the perfect spot to rest my weary cookie making arms, {I don’t know why I love pockets} The apron itself does cover a lot of square footage so it is definitely functional! For the fit, it is pretty good for an apron. I am definitely not as small as that mannequin is so it fits quite different. The bottom is super cute and frilly (love), but for me the top just doesn’t fit like the picture looks. I think my torso is a bit too long (and wide) plus I’m not a mannequin. πŸ˜‰ This Loretta halter style would look best on a thin frame. If you have the shape of this mannequin then it will look stunning on you! Otherwise, it is still a nice apron but other styles would likely be more flattering.
I also really love the material. It is sturdy but flowy and very comfy. It’s perfect for an apron.
So, overall I give it a 2 thumbs up rating! Check out ASD Living for other cute apron styles as well.
And just for fun I am showing you these ridiculously awesome spatulas I received as a gift for Christmas last year.

Happy Baking!

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