Perfect Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream

I don’t know what it is about winter, but it always makes me crave ice cream despite how cold it is outside. Maybe it’s the heavy cream that tempts my senses into thinking it will eventually make me warmer…. at least around the hips. 😉 That’s my theory.
Anyway, I have the perfect recipe for fresh strawberry ice cream. It is amazingly creamy strawberrily delicious. Yep. I’m excited. =D
I love me a good strawberry ice cream.
Plus I found out it gets better as it ages in the freezer. Mmmmm…..


Today I made some fresh pasta for my niece’s birthday and was thinking (as I was licking an empty spoon) that I should have made her ice cream! What kid wants fresh pasta over ice cream?! Silly Aunt Sara. 😉

The key to amazing strawberry ice cream is amazing strawberries. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You can’t expect to get amazing strawberry flavor in your dessert from dull or tart strawberries. It denies all laws of food physics. Just don’t try it. Get good sweet delicious strawberries.
Oh, and if you are needing to clean out your automatic ice maker in your freezer, this is surely the way to do it. I used exactly one full binful of ice. Perfect!

I am trying to say lots of interesting things because I got so many yummy pictures…


Ok. On with it already!
Perfect Strawberry Ice Cream

Serves 6…or just 1
1 pound fresh sweet strawberries, hulled and chopped into pretty small chunks
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
2 large eggs
1 cup sugar
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup milk (I used 2%)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 big pinch salt
Combine chopped strawberries, lemon juice,
and 1/4 cup sugar in a mixing bowl, set aside in fridge for a couple hours (I did 2.5
hrs). In a large bowl, beat eggs for 2 minutes or until light and fluffy. Sprinkle in 3/4 cups sugar and mix well. Stir in the milk, vanilla and salt and mix well.
Mash the strawberries pretty good so you don’t have large chunks (keep the juice). You want pretty small chunks so they don’t freeze and break your teeth. Add to the other mixture and mix well. Stir in whipping cream and refrigerate until chilled or overnight (I waited almost 24 hrs). I like to give it more time for the flavors to meld. I could definitely taste a difference after it had sat in the fridge overnight. Pour into ice cream
maker and follow manufacturer’s instructions. I have a good old fashioned
(motor driven) ice cream maker and it churned for about 30 minutes. Then I took
out the dasher and scraped it off, packed the ice cream down into the can,
corked the lid and replaced it. I covered it with more ice and a little more salt (I used our water softener salt… it worked) and let it
sit for about 3-4 hours to harden it. Dish out and enjoy quickly or store in freezer. (It melts
fast) You’ll want to eat it within about 5 days so it will be creamy and not crystalized. Enjoy!
{Original recipe I found on but I tweaked it a bit}

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